Chard Topics


Varieties planted – see Page

Planting (seed starting, quantity, spacing, depth, etc) – see Page

Watering: Base watering is best if possible. Can deliver more water = higher yield. Too much overhead watering leads to mildew and washes off applied TX (earwigs, mildew)

Fertilizer:  Fish emulsion liquid

Location – see Page

Care:  take care with too much overhead watering and adequate spacing

Pests & Diseases – see Page

Harvest / Yield: Cut in the morning if possible after watering the night before.  Bundle and rubber band, but not too tightly.

Storage:  Cover bunch in plastic bag, catching the bag up in the band for tight seal and place in container of water in ‘fridge.  Will keep well for…. at least a week.

Seed saving:  Takes forever for seeds to mature; plants get sick or too gangly and I haven’t been successful.  Keep trying!  Make sure an heirloom variety is used… duh.

Sale-ability:  High.  $2.50 per bunch is going rate at Mother’s and Farmers Mkt.  Mother’s pays me $1.50

Success & Other notes


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