Garden Salsa

Garden Salsa / Burrito Filling

Collection of sweet and hot peppers, cut into rough dices including seeds and webs

Salsa, not just for breakfast.

Equal or slightly short volume / amount of Roma tomatoes, diced.

White onion diced – a quarter fraction or less of the combined above volume. (Yellow onion is sweeter and less present as a flavor if preferred…)

Crush the ingredients in a bowl with a spoon or pestle, or pulse / combine in a blender / food processor. (Blending down into a sauce isn’t crazy.)

Add dashes / small amounts to taste. Balance for use:

Sea salt


Chili powder (cayenne)

Lime & Lemon juice (we use Meyer lemons if they’re ready on our tree. Sweeter.)

Garlic, crushed finely

Fresh Cilantro, chopped

Slivers of green onion, teeny amount of crushed mint

Red Turmeric – deepens color

Red pepper flakes (if cooking as a sauce will follow, to correct spice levels – add black beans, heat through and immediately spoon over rice.) 2nd day – Goes great with chicken or pork. Add an avocado garnish and some sour cream. Burritos with lettuce or Arugula.



Different tomatoes (watch juice levels)

Different onions / aromatics…

Fresh horse radish

Re-opening after fallow seasons


Fallow seasons and closed building were intended to kill various pests (insects and plants.)

Tobacco blossoms

Volunteers that popped up late summer 2017, slow growth over winter, so leaves are small & plants are short — during summer they’ll get 5 ft tall even outside.  We’ve also had plants overwinter outdoors.  Tough guys!  I need to learn more about how these plants affect bees that visit; nicotinoids are very toxic to them.  (BTW, those are shallots in the background, not weeds, but plenty of cleanup is overdue!)