Playing Hooky this Sunday… Can we just stop “shoulding” on our selves?

Barely could stop woofing to snap this one.
Barely could stop woofing to snap this one.

Among wise sayings in certain fellowships we attend outside Church is ‘STOP “SHOULDING” ON YOURSELF.”

This Sunday we’re resting easy at home.  Our “normal” default is to drive 45 minutes to attend Sunday Services.  And we miss being there.  But, as life goes — there are some days and these come especially in summer when the garden is producing — there are just some days you need to find a lower gear.

For me that meant fully being in the moment at sunrise as I walked outside to open our greenhouse.  Passing through I saw the produce and started thinking about breakfast.  When am I not thinking about eating?  Whoops that was nearly a “should”!

A bit later, realizing that the Church trip was too much for today, I again wandered outside.  This time to a garden in the fruit orchard adjacent to the greenhouse.  There I lifted soil with a spade near a potato plant that had browned and collected potatoes.  Two steps away I pulled a yellow onion.  I should have grabbed an apple and a peach.  But I was thinking about what goes with bacon.

Almost at a lope now (not really) I snagged a tomato and peppers from the greenhouse on the way back to the kitchen: a big Anaheim and a fat Jalapeno.

The other materials I found in the fridge and in the spice rack.  Some bacon, which I diced and started in a cast iron skillet.  I diced the potato into 3/4″ cubes and dumped them in on top of the bacon to suppress the spatter.  And the same with the onion.  I ate a chip of onion raw, it was almost as sweet as an apple.

I converted the Anaheim with julianne cut and then parted the strings in pieces an inch or so long.  The Jalapeno got a rough chop after removing most but not all of the membrane and seeds.

I stirred the contents of the skillet, and as the onions were just beginning to clarify, poured the ingredients into a steel mixing bowl then seasoned them, stirring in the mix of black pepper, garlic, salt (and what ever else the vendor sticks in there, sometimes I don’t want to know.)  Then added the uncooked peppers and mixed the bowl again.  This went into a glass pie pan.

Some cheddar cheese in a small dice spread on the top and then poured the eggs (roughly stirred) over the preparation.  The oven was waiting at 350F.

About 30 minutes later…

The hot sauce is last year’s Habanero puree. The blackberry jam is Kristin’s artwork that she keeps frozen in small jars – made from wild berry vines in our yard.  I mostly engage blackberries (the Asian variety) like King David did the Philistines – literally with my machete, armor and a shield… always coming home wounded. But I do love her jam on toast! It’s made with juice from our Meyer’s lemon tree (named Lazarus.) O.M.G. that stuff is sooo good!

So God bless us — and you — this Sunday.  We’re taking a “health” day — and being immensely thankful for his blessings.



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