R.I.P Ben — Beloved K9 companion passes on.

A week ago tonight, actually right about this time…  Ben had an enormous seizure.

Ben in "Heaven" -- summer of 2010 in an out of the way campground by a lake in NW Montana.
Ben in “Heaven” — summer of 2010 in an out of the way campground by a lake in NW Montana. We were all RV Hounds that year.

It took 5 or 8 minutes for the the main part of his agony to pass, leaving him blind and very confused. It left him shivering and shaking uncontrollably. He was unable to walk.  I phoned the vet, we rushed to meet. On the table in the clinic Ben recognized my voice and touch, he could also scent me and so I know: he knew he was in hospital. Every few moments he’d complain and thrash. Some caresses and words – he’d calm down. But… He was ready to go. A shot of morphine to ease him — and we had a few very sweet moments of peace. Soft words and he’d groan back. And then the lethal meds. My face was resting on his cheek when he took his last breath. Don, our vet cried more than I did. I quoted some scripture — that “not a bird falls from the sky that God doesn’t know”, and that the great beauty of creation — like Ben — is God’s masterwork.

016Lord, I miss him.  Elsie quit eating for a few days.  We’re only just beginning to adapt.

See you soon, Bentleman.  Thanks God! … for loaning him to us for a while.


6 responses to “R.I.P Ben — Beloved K9 companion passes on.”

  1. It never gets easier– I dread the passing of our oldies. You gave him a good life Read Kipling? A real poet despite PC scorn.

  2. What an awesome recommendation. For all of the battles Kipling witnessed… Thanks!

    “Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges—
    Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!”
    Kipling. “The Explorer” Stanza 2 (1903).

    Go Ben. Go.

  3. With deep sorrow we think of Ben and hope miss Elsie is ok giver her big hugs from poppa and I
    we also are facing that will our little Macie , she will be 14/

    1. we put the ol dude down last fall just befor the freezing .Sonny was 33 and strarting to struggle and choke on Senior feed.. maybe he and ben can catch up. Bailey was lonley for several day because Chicklett is up in Conrad with a 6, 7 ,10 yr old loving life..Poco is now back and living the retired life in our pasture with Bailey

  4. What a sweet pup. I’ll never forget the day he learned to bark at Bullard’s Beach. That was the sound of pure joy. You gave him such a great home…..and he returned the favor with lots of love and a lifetime of happy memories. Bark on sweet Ben!

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