Evidence and Confirmation

When landing on this property in early 2011, we found a very sick, sad lemon tree in the closed up, overgrown-to-the-rafters greenhouse. For 3 years, there’d been no one to tend the tree, much less even water it, so it must have been stretched to exist only on groundwater/roof runoff outdoors. Ummmm …How hot does it get in a closed greenhouse??? Continuing to re-hab the soil, I recently found this bit of a nursery tag, confirming that it is indeed a Meyer lemon. With a hefty pruning by our friend Jack (using a Sawsall!) then some TLC over the past 3 years, “Lazarus” the Lemon has come back to life providing wonderful fragrance… and lemons.

Bigger Fava beans, better

The inner skin encloses the fruit you’re after.

Fava beans!

End of June Inside Garden…